Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief by Julie Lusk

introduction: Pre-current Conditions (i.E., Prejudices)

Is it viable to write a positive assessment of a book (“Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief”) whose creator lines the concept to jot down the e book to an astrological reading? What if, similarly to that, the e-book is ready a subject that I have attempted several times, unsuccessfully, to revel in? Yes, over the direction of at the least 1/2 a century, my dabbles with yoga has been uncomfortable, tough to not possible and rancid-setting. Of direction, the operant word here is “dabbles”-I admit that every one such feeble tries lacked conviction and perseverance.

A barrier between yoga and me is that it often seems steeped in mysticism, spirituality and/or New Age babble.

As if this have been not sufficient, beginning to read what Julie had written, I poured over 14 pages of blurbs for the e-book and the author’s acknowledgements section. These full-size prefatory pages did not mitigate my preexisting reservations. Imagine-25 testimonial blurbs replete with suspect phrases and terms, including “ancient teachings, Eastern traditions, religious reflections, vinyasa practices, sankalpas, koshas, mudras and union with oneself.” Yike. What became I in for?

In any occasion, something occurred that brought about a brand new perspective on yoga. It started out with a risk come upon, one which, but not going, involved but some other experience of taking a yoga elegance.

A Chance Encounter

Less than every week before I started analyzing Julie Lusk’s words approximately yoga nidra (no longer just the blurbs and acknowledgements sections), I signed up for a yoga class. Not just any yoga class, however one geared to the (very) younger. This took place when I turned into invited to accompany my spouse’s grandson to a class throughout the street at our neighborhood art institute.

What ought to go wrong? Maybe I’d get insights approximately yoga to help with the assessment of Julie’s book.

Upon arrival, I looked round at my fellow classmates. I sensed I became inside the proper area. I actually have a competitive nature and could not assist however observe that I had at least 70 years on every body within the room, besides for the parents. (With them my advantage turned into handiest about 50 years). I figured I ought to use this enjoy and a bit of cunning to stand out, to overwhelm the little tykes with athletic movements. If running approximately in circles had been worried, I’d exhaust the little toddlers with staying power and pace.

Oh, I realize yoga isn’t always imagined to be competitive, nor have to the talented flaunt their prowess, but being a one-time class superstar would be innocent fun, I suspected. Who knows, maybe I’ll be invited to teach the next magnificence.

Well, matters did now not flip out that manner. In truth, the other proved true. The five to seven-12 months-olds resultseasily accomplished poses I suspect had been copied from Cirque du Soleil. When, 20 or so minutes into the contortions, the trainer told all and sundry to jump up and run around the room, I struggled to my feet. I had slightly started to lurch forward when a hoard of little toddlers got here charging by using on their 2d loop across the room.

When the bell rang giving close to-sacred alleviation, I became exhausted and sore. I knew for positive, after one closing failed try, that yoga become not for me. How may want to I provide a glowing assessment, as changed into my preference, to Julie’s e book?

Encouragement from the Author

I despatched an electronic mail to Julie, citing that in an effort to get within the proper body of thoughts to study the e-book, I had accompanied my wife and grandson to a children’s yoga class. I noted that it turned into lots harden than any triathlon I did ultimate yr. I enclosed images taken for the duration of class.

Julie answered in brief order:

These pics made my day!!! Yoga is all about joyfulness-and you and your own family located it, judging from the looks on absolutely everyone’s faces, specially the little tyke. His grin offers me a grin every time. As for you, I’m glad you are taking a dip. But the trainer in me cannot face up to, in particular when it comes to protection. See how your knees are… Nicely up round your ears in sitting? To shield your knees and keep the right curve to your again, they want to be underneath the hip crest or touching the ground. They’re probable up there because of tight hamstrings from all the other proper belongings you do. The answer is really to sit on cushions to lower your knees. Gotta cope with the ones knees! Doing hip openers will help too, but it’s a long-run answer. But over again, “actual” yoga is in the end about unconditional joy. BTW, the simplest posture wanted for what is in my ebook is lying in your lower back.

I expect it is able to help your running and other pursuits.

Another issue I’d like to say is that I sent you the yoga nidra book as a get-well gift that will help you recover from the stroke and give you a delicious yoga enjoy without having to exercise mere postures, as is what’s normally emphasised these days. If you turn to the final page, you could sign in the e-book and have access to loose downloads to the three primary yoga nidra practices featured.

So carry on, appropriate fellow! Love – your yoga teach.

P.S. By the way, a triathlon might be manner harder than any yoga I did last 12 months-or ever!

I found this recommendation encouraging, motivating and simply pleasant. Most of all, I picked up on this remark in Julie’s reaction: “The best posture wished for what is in my e book is mendacity in your back.”

Now that placed a whole new angle on yoga in wellknown and yoga nidra in particular. Maybe I did not have to meet the Cirque du Soleil preferred to succeed at playing yoga. Now I become ready to examine Julie’s book in earnest.

Learning to Understand and Enjoy Yoga

When I subsequent settled all the way down to study Yoga Nidra, sooner or later past the blurbs and such, I encountered Julie’s starting sentence-a revelation I will long keep in mind: “Did you realize that yoga can be practiced without appearing bodily exercising?” A yoga washout, I became also cheered, as mentioned a moment in the past, by means of the next sentence-“that meditation can be carried out mendacity down instead of sitting up nevertheless and straight like a statue.”

I did no longer recognise that such points of view had been held via yoga professionals. Both sentences have been revelations, nearly Dickensonian in memorability, which include, “It was the great of instances, it changed into the worst of instances… ” From Julie’s sentence starting continuing at some point of the 205 pages that observed, “Yoga Nidra” managed something I would not have anticipated of a yoga e book-it held my interest.

Among the strengths of Yoga Nidra is the complete information on the nature and dynamics of the phenomenon of pressure. The remedy of stress incorporates innovative strategies for coping with it, even turning terrible (in addition to fine) energies to gain via relaxation, guided imagery, meditation and disciplined questioning.

On events, I’ve questioned if yoga is more often than not an art, a technology, a skill, a area, a department of expertise or what? While that solution did not come right away, a related and welcome one did, namely, that yoga isn’t always a faith. That I never doubted, regardless of jejune tries through some spiritual zealots to defame it as such. Still, I welcomed the fact that Julie gave this looney belief brief shift. While Julie assures the ones so inclined that humans of all religion traditions can advantage from yoga, she brought that “it supports their religious convictions in authentic approaches.” Well, it’s high-quality, I think, however equally important is that it does now not lodge to or depend on religion (i.E., “believing what you know ain’t so” in step with Mark Twain) but instead that yoga is supported with the aid of adequate studies that underscores its healthy residences.

As with the 25 blurbs unfold over eleven pages before the reader reached the start of the 205 page e-book with the aid of Julie Lusk, I assume there are too many non-public memories via yoga fanatics (no longer identified shop for first names). These testimonials inhabit excessive space and slow the tempo of mastering. How many readers want non-stop cheerleading from individuals who located yoga helpful? On the other hand, I assume it is viable many different readers will welcome this selection. I observed it corresponding to marketing-at times I would have appreciated to have the literary equal of a far flung tool to mute or fast ahead past the effusive commentaries.

Other advantageous functions of Yoga Nida have been 1) the rule of thumb sections for making high quality adjustments, 2) the extensive suggestions for establishing a normal sample of practicing yoga and growing a home lifestyle that helps fun and healthy life and three) the chapter on revitalization. Finally, readers will honestly admire the considerable references and sources section specifically the audio documents that Julie made to be had as unfastened downloads to supplement texercises furnished inside the e book.

In quick, Yoga Nidra can provide on Julie’s promise of complete relaxation and stress alleviation.

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